Custom-Framed Mirrors: Your Source for Unique Designs

  • Visit our factory for direct mirror frame customization.
  • Choose from a high-quality collection of mirror frames and get them in your preferred size, delivered to your doorstep.
  • We’re a top-rated custom-framed mirror manufacturer in the Bronx and New York.
  • Our made-to-measure mirrors are in stock and can be tailored to your specific design requirements.
  • Use our custom-framed mirrors for various purposes like bathroom mirrors, floor mirrors, and decorative mirrors.custom framed mirrors choose from thousands of moldings
  • Personalize mirrors by style, molding, color, price, and size from hundreds of options.
  • Contact us for a quick quote on your custom mirror project, whether for your business, hospital, doctor’s office, or apartment building.
  • .We do volume pricing for volume buying.  If you have a mirror that you need to be restored we do custom restoration. 

Contact us and we will give you a quick quote on your project.  Maybe you want a huge mirror for your business, hospital, doctor’s office, or apartment building.

When you create a custom mirror you are not only creating a functional item for your home, it’s decorative, too. Mirrors are beautiful, decorative, and mood-elevating.

Here are 5 tips on how to buy mirrors for your home or business:

custom mirrors select molding and frames

Tip #1 – Buy high-quality mirrors. Check 3 factors when selecting a high-quality mirror: glass quality, mirror thickness, and mirror silvering. . Quality mirrors have a high quality, thick coating of silver.

Tip #2Get accurate measurements. Before you go to see us make sure you have with you the correct measurements of the mirror.  “Measure twice, cut once”

Tip #3Have a budget. Remember that you get what you paid for. It’s better to save enough to buy a high-quality mirror than get a cheap one that distorts a reflection and breaks easily.

Tip #4Don’t be in a hurry when shopping. Take your time browsing through the hundreds of mirror moldings on display at the store.

Tip is a trusted mirror manufacturing company that has been in business for over 40 years. We have provided large and oversized mirrors for the home and office to thousands of homes and businesses. Come in and see how we can make a great mirror for you!discount inexpensive custom cheap mirrors