Custom Canvas Stretching Museum Wrap

Canvas Stretching bronx on stretchers

INCREDIBLE LOW PRICES On Custom Canvas Stretching Museum Wrap

16″ x 20″ ONLY $70
20″ x 24″
24″ x 30″
24″ x 36″
30″ x 40″

Gallery Wrap vs. Stretched Canvas

Gallery wrap uses thicker stretcher bars and wraps the canvas around the frame, stapling on the back. This makes a very professional museum-like look.

Why Choose Professional Canvas Stretching?

  • Experience Matters: Our skilled artisans have decades of experience.
  • Preservation: Museum-quality stretching ensures your canvas won’t sag or warp.
  • Precision Tools: We use specialized tools for even tension and prevent over-stretching.
  • Customization: Each canvas frame is custom-made for your artwork.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous care is given at every step.

Experience Museum-Quality Stretching with

  • Skilled Artisans: Perfect stretching every time.
  • Customization: Tailored to your artwork’s dimensions.
  • Preservation: Techniques preserve your canvas.
  • Competitive Prices: Professional quality without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Giclee Prints

  • Exceptional Color Accuracy: Captures subtle color variations.
  • Longevity: Created using archival inks and materials.
  • Variety of Substrates: Choose from various textures and finishes.
  • Custom Sizing: Reproduce artwork in different dimensions.

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