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A Little About The Owner, Jose Colon and his story

In the heart of the Bronx, there’s a hidden gem that has been transforming the way people showcase their cherished artwork. Meet Jose Colon, the owner and master craftsman behind “The Framing Store,” a place that’s much more than just a picture framing shop. It’s a testament to hard work, dedication, and a passion for bringing art to life in every home, office, or business, all at high quality and low cost.

Jose’s journey to The Framing Store epitomizes perseverance and the pursuit of a dream. Arriving in New York with limited English, he embraced woodworking, mirroring his parents’ work ethic.

Deeply passionate, he delved into high-end Manhattan framing stores, learning the art of framing but noticing exorbitant prices that excluded many from enjoying framed artwork. Determined to change this, he sourced affordable materials, offering beautifully framed art at reasonable prices.

framed artwork master craftsman

The Framing Store thrived, securing contracts for hospitals and corporations. Starting in Yonkers, Jose’s commitment led him to the Bronx, ensuring affordability for all. The store became a hub for custom framing and canvas stretching, catering to various budgets and interior decorators.

With over 40 years of expertise, Jose provides personalized consultations, transforming artwork into cherished masterpieces that illuminate homes, offices, and businesses.

Jose offers a free consultation for your artwork, taking the time to understand your vision and budget.Jose Colon owner of in the Bronx New York

His dedication to framing not just pictures, but cherished stories and memories, has made The Framing Store a haven for art enthusiasts.

Visit his Bronx shop to experience affordable high-quality framing and turn your artwork into a masterpiece.


Jose’s Philosophy “We’re All About Customer Satisfaction On Custom Framing”

  •  Personalized Choices: Whether you prefer ready-made picture framing or desire a custom look with decorative moldings and tailored matting, we’re here to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Choose from a wide range of custom frames and mats, all tailored to your preferences for a personalized, quality framing experience at unbeatable prices.

Low-Priced, High-Quality Framing Solutions

  • Located in the Bronx, we offer competitive prices by avoiding high Manhattan rent costs.
  • Dealing directly with us eliminates middleman expenses.
  • Visit our factory building to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Our on-site framing sets us apart from stores that outsource their work.
  • Explore a wide range of picture framing and mat choices, from affordable to luxury options.
  • Stocking a variety of high-quality frames lets you enjoy savings of up to 75% compared to Manhattan prices.
  • Our services include custom picture framing, custom mirrors,  canvas stretching, and shadow boxes.

Locationdirections to cheap frames Bronx custom framing and canvas stretching is situated in the Bronx, New York, at 2032 Blackrock Ave, near Manhattan and Westchester. We offer an extensive selection of ready-made and custom frames, including collage frames, wooden picture frames, baby frames, engraved picture frames, rustic picture frames, and more.

Frame Pricing: Find frame pricing information here.

Why Choose Us for Custom Picture Framing

  • Save significantly by visiting the Bronx for your custom picture framing or canvas stretching needs.
  • Get huge savings by comparing our prices with local frame and art supply stores.
  • Experience personalized service from expert craftsmen.
  • Enjoy museum-quality materials at budget-friendly prices.
  • Choose from hundreds of mats and specialty frames at factory-outlet prices.
  • Benefit from on-site framing, ensuring quality control and quick turnaround.
  • Our experts can recommend frame and matting options that enhance your artwork without exceeding your budget.

More About Us

trust your framer cheap frames high quality picture framing and canvas stretching

  • Specializing in large commercial framing projects for medical facilities, corporations, schools, apartments, condos, and interior decorators.
  • A diverse selection of modern and master artists’ prints, posters, and canvases.
  • High-quality custom mirrors in various styles.
  • Over 40 years of experience providing art and framing solutions.
  • Volume framing and wholesale services are available with large quantity discounts.

“Bring Us Your Work, and We’ll Create a Treasure!